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The following links are helpful for the specified areas:

Game Programming

    Garage Games

These are the makers of the Torque game engine. The same one used in the games Tribes/Tribes 2.

    Piddlepup Games

This is my new game website. Check out our new products including Piddlepup Video Poker and Crumb.

    Microsoft DirectX Site

This is where you can download the DirectX 8.1 SDK, read articles, etc.

    DirectX 4 VB

Patrice Scribe provides a fantastic library of articles on using VB with DirectX.


The rumor mill for the game industry. This is the place to find out about game theory, post mortems on your favorite games, and jobs in the industry.

    Game Institute

This is my favorite web school for game development. The courses are top notch, affordable, and include fantastic documentation.

Arcade Games

    Jonathan Morrison

One of my best friends and a good collector of pinballs and arcade games. Check out his site for his for sale list.

    Jason Conrad

Jason is another avid collector that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Check out his web page for games for sale.

    Classic Arcade Online

    Wiretap Collectors Archive

If you are looking for pinouts, dipswitch settings or data on you favorite arcade board, this is the place to search.

    Randy Fromm

This guy is the master of anything to do with arcade machines. If you are really serious about working on video games or pinballs, I would highly recommend his classes and videos.


Killer List Of Video Games. This site is a database that describes all the video games ever created, including pictures and flyers.



The birthplace of Truespace. One of my favorite 3D modeling and rendering programs.


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