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DirectX 8 and Visual Basic Development
by Keith Sink

Sams; ISBN: 0672322250

This book is intended for Visual Basic users who have mastered all the basic functionality this language provides and now want to venture into multimedia programming. This book is not a game-programming book. It is intended for a much broader audience: the multimedia programmer. If you have already read some game programming books and want to know how to use DirectX to create games in Visual Basic, this book is for you. If you want a book that does not assume you are a game programmer, this book is for you. If you are a non-multimedia programmer and just want to know how to use the features of DirectX in your everyday applications, this book is for you. This book is intended to show how DirectX can be used in the broad multimedia market, not just with games.





Part I     Visual Basic and DirectX Development

1     Fundamentals of DirectX

2     Multimedia Programming in the VB Environment

3     Animation Techniques

Part II     DirectX Graphics Programming

4     Creating Graphics with the DirectX Graphics Object

5     Creating Basic Animations with Surface Objects

6     Palettes and Palette Animation

7    3D Geometry

8     Direct3D

9    Using Direct3D

Part III     Monitoring User Input with DirectInput

10   Using DirectInput to Manage User Interactions

11   Action Mapping

12   The Keyboard

13   The Joystick

14   The Mouse

Part IV     Adding Music and Sounds with DirectAudio

15  DirectX Audio[md]DirectMusic and DirectSound

16  Composing Music

17  Adding Sounds to Your Application with DirectSound

Part V     Streaming Media with DirectShow

18   Introduction to DirectShow

19   Using DirectShow for Digital Editing

20   Multimedia Players

Part VI     Multiuser Strategies with DirectPlay

21   Using DirectPlay to Create Multiplayer Games

22   Using Lobbies to Create Player Interactions

23     Managing Games with DirectPlay

24   Using DirectPlay Voice in Your Application

Part VII     Finishing Touches

25     DirectSetup

Part VII     Appendix

A    Using DirectX with Visual Basic .NET



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